Bridge Loans

We get it. Sometimes you find the home of your dreams before your current home is even on the market. When this occurs, let Union Square Mortgage bridge the financial gap until the sale of your home.

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Bridge Loans are short-term loans that provide necessary funds until more permanent, larger, and/or longer-term financing is available. Most often, a bridge loan is used to help an individual buy a home when his/her current home has yet to sell. Since many buyers rely upon the sale of a home and the funds they’ll receive from the sale to make the down payment on a home they intend to buy, a bridge loan acts as a financial “bridge” to help individuals purchase a home immediately when funds are expected at a later time. A bridge loan might be the solution for someone who needs to purchase a new home before the sale of his/her existing home.

Speak with a Union Square Mortgage professional to learn if a bridge loan is the right mortgage product for you!